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Group photo taken in Dec, 2021

Yianhai Wang
Ph.D., Director, Professor
Traffic sensing, safety and operations, transportation data science and new technologies
Ed McCormack
Ph.D., Associate Director, Professor
Urban mobility, freight systems, and transportation technology
Wei Sun
CEO at AIWaysion
Transportation data analytics, software development
Chenxi Liu
Ph.D. student
Traffic sensing and data analytics, human mobility
Cole Kopca
Ph.D. student
Shared mobility, urban planning
Hao (Frank) Yang
Ph.D. student
Deep learning, transportation data analytics
Meixin Zhu
Ph.D. candidate
Autonomous driving and intelligent transportation
Meng-Ju (Dennis) Tsai
Ph.D. student
Computer vision for smart cities & autonomous vehicles (AVs)
Sam Ricord
Ph.D. student
Transportation Equity, Rural Transportation, and Transportation Data Equity
Shuyi Yin
Ph.D. student
Urban computing with smart card and GPS data, network optimization
Yifan Ling
Ph.D. student
Traffic sensors, pavement, airport
Arthur Semionov
M.S. student
ITS, data analytics, and deep learning
Fengze (Fraser) Yang
M.S. student
Transportation data analytics, computer vision, traffic planning and design
Griffin Donnelly
PhD student at UW CEE
ITS, logistics, and network optimization
Ollie Wiesner
M.S. student
remote sensing, ITS, mitigation and inventory of transportation GHG emissions
Pranati Awasthi
M.S. student
Transportation data analytics, autonomous vehicle, and ITS
Chang Che
B.S. student in ACMS
computer vision
JB (Adam) Huang
B.S. student in ACMS
Transportation big data analytics
Luyang Gong
Project Manager at AIWaysion
Curbside Management, traffic sensing and data analytics
Peter Yu
B.S. student
Intelligent transportation system (ITS), traffic operations and highway design