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Group photo taken in Feb, 2020

Yianhai Wang
Ph.D., Director, Professor
Traffic sensing, safety and operations, transportation data science and new technologies
Wei Sun
Ph.D., Rsearch Associate
Transportation data analytics, software development
Ziyuan Pu
Ph.D., Research Associate
Smart Infrastructures, Connected & Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs)
John E. Ash
Ph.D. candidate
Traffic safety, data science applications
Ruimin Ke
Ph.D. candidate
Smart and automated urban transportation and infrastructure systems
Zhiyong Cui
Ph.D. candidate
Urban computing, intelligent transportation systems (ITS)
Cole Kopca
Ph.D. student
Shared mobility, urban planning
Yifan Zhuang
Ph.D. student
Edge computing-based traffic detection algorithm and development
Meixin Zhu
Ph.D. student
Autonomous driving and intelligent transportation
Shuyi Yin
Ph.D. student
Urban computing with smart card and GPS data, network optimization
Meng-Ju (Dennis) Tsai
Ph.D. student
Computer vision for smart cities & autonomous vehicles (AVs)
Hao (Frank) Yang
Ph.D. student
Deep learning, transportation data analytics
Chenxi Liu
Ph.D. student
Traffic sensing and data analytics, human mobility
Sam Ricord
Ph.D. student
Rural transportation, non-car autonomous vehicles (AVs) and computer vision (CV)
Hubert Chen
M.S. student
Transportation data analytics, deep learning
Yifan Ling
M.S. student
Traffic sensors, pavement, airport
Kairui (Ray) Huang
M.S. student
Big data analytics, traffic operation
Ian Nisbet
M.S. student
Curbside parking, traffic operation
Griffin Donnelly
M.S. student
ITS, logistics, and network optimization
Roberto Gomez
M.S. student
Traffic safety and transportation planning
Peter Yu
B.S. student
Intelligent transportation system (ITS), traffic operations and highway design
Xiaoqing Cheng
Visiting scholar
Transportation Safety Engineering
Shuo Wang
Visintg Ph.D. student
Deep learning on graphs