*smart transportation application and research
research interests

The main focus of the STAR Lab research includesadvanced traffic detection technologies and their applications for safer and more effective traffic operations. Specifically, we have the following research interests:

UAV-based Traffic Detection

Training Data [csv (18k)]

Test Data [csv (2k)]

Advanced Traffic Management Systems

Dynamic estimation of freeway traffic speed

Large truck volume estimation

Congestion monitoring and forecast

Dual-loop error identification and remedy

Advanced Traveler Information Systems (ATIS)

Traffic data warehousing

On-line traffic information systems

Distributed traffic data management systems

A Google-Map-Based Arterial Traffic Information System [ 2008 TRB Presentation ] [Demo GATI v 2.1] [ TRB Paper draft] [ Live System]

Real-Time Data Collection Systems

High-frequency loop event data collection systems

Portable loop data collection and system tune-up systems

Traffic data collection using surveillance video cameras [Live WSDOT Feed]

Video-Based Monitoring of Pedestrian Movements at Signalized Intersections [ Demo ] [ Demo-thermal (156MB)]

Bicycle and Pedestrian Detection [Demo]

Smart Signal Control and Vehicle Routing

Transit Signal Priorities (TSP)

LOOP detector SIMulator (LOOPSIM)

Adaptive signal control

Vehicle routing

GPS-based vehicle tracking and data collection

Dilemma zone protection

Transportation Data Management and Analysis

Transportation database design

Transportation data visualization using Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Traffic accident modeling

Transportation asset management using GIS

Traffic pollution estimation and impacts analysis